Oral administration of green plant-derived chemicals and antioxidants alleviates stress-induced cellular oxidative challenge Academic Article uri icon


  • This study examined the efficacy of the combination antioxidant, Formula 42 (F42), on cellular stress indicators in animal and human models of stress-induced oxidative stress.A sub-chronic psychological stress model in rodents was used to induce stress and oxidative stress indicators over a 10-day period during which animals received oral doses of F42 or water. Following treatment, body weight, plasma stress hormone corticosterone, and oxidative capacity were evaluated. In healthy human subjects, a randomized double-blind crossover study was used to examine the antioxidant effect of F42 or placebo in an exercise-induced oxidative stress model. Erythrocyte and plasma oxidative status was evaluated using the fluorescent activation of 2',7'-dichlorofluorescin (DCF) as an indicator.Oral administration of F42 reduced the corticosterone response to acute stress compared to vehicle but did not differ at the conclusion of the 10-day study. However, F42 administration did reduce stress-induced growth restriction and alleviate DCF activation in circulating erythrocytes by approximately 10% following 10 days of stress exposure. Oral administration of F42 also significantly reduced DCF activation by approximately 10% in healthy human subjects undergoing exercise-induced oxidative stress.Oral administration of F42 in rodents produces transient reductions in stress hormones and reduces stress indicators following sub-chronic psychological stress exposure. In humans, F42 acts as an early and potent antioxidant capable of scavenging free radicals within 30 min of ingestion.


  • Beaven, Elizabeth A
  • Colthorpe, Kay L
  • Spiers, Jereme G
  • Chen, Hsiao-Jou Cortina
  • Lavidis, Nickolas A
  • Albrecht, Julie

publication date

  • 2016