The Expression of Alternative Oxidase and Uncoupling Protein during Fruit Ripening in Mango Academic Article uri icon


  • The expression of alternative oxidase (Aox) and uncoupling proteins (Ucp) was investigated during ripening in mango (Mangifera indica) and compared with the expression of peroxisomal thiolase, a previously described ripening marker in mango. The multigene family for the Aox in mango was expressed differentially during ripening. Abundance of Aox message and protein both peaked at the ripe stage. Expression of the single gene for the Ucp peaked at the turning stage and the protein abundance peaked at the ripe stage. Proteins of the cytochrome chain peaked at the mature stage of ripening. The pattern of protein accumulation suggested that increases in cytochrome chain components played an important role in facilitating the climacteric burst of respiration and that the Aox and Ucp may play a role in post-climacteric senescent processes. Because both message and protein for the Aox and Ucp increased in a similar pattern, it suggests that their expression is not controlled in a reciprocal manner but may be active simultaneously.

publication date

  • August 1, 2001