A Linked SNP Marker to Genotype Fr-B2 in Wheat Academic Article uri icon


  • Fr-B2 is a complex locus on chromosome 5B that affects frost tolerance, days to heading, grain yield and probably other traits of commercial importance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). It interacts epistatically with other major genes, especially VRN1. There are two known alleles of Fr-B2: an intact, wild-type allele, and an allele with a large deletion. Published methods for identifying these alleles are slow and expensive, making the development of a high-throughput, co-dominant SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) marker highly desirable, especially for commercial wheat breeding. A diverse panel of cultivars and breeding lines was characterised for SNPs and alleles of Fr-B2. Four SNP markers co-segregated as a haplotype block with Fr-B2 across unrelated cultivars and related backcrosses differing for alleles of Fr-B2. A robust KASP (Kompetitive allele-specific PCR) assay was developed for one of the SNPs, KASP_IWB26333, which should facilitate the inclusion of Fr-B2 on genotyping platforms for breeding and research.


  • Eagles, HA
  • Hyles, J
  • Wilson, Jayne
  • Cane, Karen
  • Forrest, KL
  • Hayden, Matthew J
  • Ramm, K
  • Trevaskis, Ben

publication date

  • 2018