Supporting decision-making of adults with cognitive disabilities: The role of Law Reform Agencies – Recommendations, rationales and influence Academic Article uri icon


  • Article 12 of the UNCRPD on equal recognition before the law, places an obligation on member states to 'provide access by persons with disabilities to the support they may require in exercising their legal capacity'. This has resulted in an increased focus on the concept and practice of supported decision-making, as opposed to substitute decision-making, for those with cognitive disabilities. To date, translation of this concept into law has been limited. However, Law Reform Agencies, tasked with reviewing legal decision-making schemes are increasingly recommending incorporation of legally recognised supported decision-making measures. This paper identifies the contribution of Law Reform Agencies' reports and recommendations to the evolving body of knowledge in relation to supported decision-making. In particular, it analyses the rationales for recommendations favouring the introduction of forms of legally recognised supported decision-making and the types of legal models of supported decision-making being recommended by Law Reform Agencies.

publication date

  • 2018