Digital 3D Image Reconstruction of Ventriculocapillary Communication as Revealed in One Case After Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization Academic Article uri icon


  • TMR (Transmyocardial Laserrevascularization) was performed on the partially dyskinetic left ventricular anterior wall with stenotic coronary blood supply in a 61 year old woman with a history of angina and myocardial infarction. As an ischemic aneurysm developed in the anteroapical region of the TMR treated area, it became clear that TMR did not provide a substitute for coronary blood supply in this very heart region. The aneurysm was removed surgically 7 months after TMR and showed histopathologic features of an acute aneurysm. Three-dimensional image analysis helped prove the presence of linear tracks through several serial sections which were not easily visible in routine histology sections. Also, three-dimensional vessel reconstruction showed a connection between a small endocardial pit on one serial section with the capillary network in the adjacent serial sections. The results should not be generalized, as currently aneurysmectomy is an end point not reached by the majority of TMR-treated patients.


  • Schweitzer, W
  • Maass, D
  • Schaepman, M
  • Wagen, M
  • Ranson, D
  • Hardmeier, T

publication date

  • January 1998