Patients with asthma have reduced functional capacity and sedentary behavior Academic Article uri icon


  • OBJECTIVE:The modified shuttle test (MST) is a field test that evaluates functional capacity. It is easy to perform, and avoids ceiling effect, however, MST was not used in pediatric asthmatic patients. Thus, the aim was to evaluate functional capacity by MST, additionally to perform a multidimensional assessment as physical activity in daily life, muscle strength, and cytokine levels in children and adolescents with asthma, and to correlate these variables. METHOD:This cross-sectional study included volunteers aged between 6 and 18 years who were divided into two groups: asthma group (n=43) that received regular treatment and control group (n=24). Functional capacity was evaluated by distance walked during the MST; physical activity in daily life was evaluated using an accelerometer by the number of steps. Quadriceps femoris strength was evaluated by load cell. RESULTS:Distance walked was lower for the asthma group (790m [222m]) when compared with the control group (950m [240m]; p=0.007); however, the number of steps was similar between the two groups (asthma group: 7743 [3075]; control group: 7181 [3040]; p=0.41), and both groups were classified as sedentary behavior. There was no difference in muscle strength. Tumor necrosis factor-α differed, but interleukin levels were similar between groups. Quadriceps strength was correlated to distance walked (r=0.62; p<0.001) and tumor necrosis factor-α to the number of steps taken (r=-0.54, p=0.005). CONCLUSION:Children and adolescents undergoing regular asthma treatment showed reduced functional capacity and sedentary behavior. The lower the quadriceps strength, the shorter the distance walked; the higher the tumor necrosis factor-α levels, the lower their daily physical activity levels.


  • Reimberg, MM
  • Pachi, JRS
  • Scalco, RS
  • Serra, AJ
  • Fernandes, L
  • Politti, F
  • Wandalsen, GF
  • Solé, D
  • Dal Corso, Simone
  • Lanza, FC

publication date

  • 2018