Remarkable Multichannel Conductance of Novel Single-Molecule Wires Built on Through-Space Conjugated Hexaphenylbenzene Academic Article uri icon


  • Through-bond conjugated molecules are the major frameworks for traditional molecular wires, while through-space conjugated units are rarely utilized and studied although they have shown unique conducting potential. Herein, we present novel single-molecule wires built on through-space conjugated hexaphenylbenzene. Their conductance, measured by the scanning tunneling microscopy based break-junction technique, increases with the improvement of through-space conjugation and finally reaches a remarkable value (12.28 nS) which greatly exceeds that of conventional through-bond conjugated counterpart (2.45 nS). The multichannel conducting model by integrating through-space and through-bond conjugations could be a promising strategy for the further design of robust single-molecule wires with advanced conductance and stability.


  • Zhen, Shijie
  • Mao, Jin-Chuan
  • Chen, Long
  • Ding, Siyang
  • Luo, Wenwen
  • Zhou, Xiao-Shun
  • Qin, Anjun
  • Zhao, Zujin
  • Tang, Ben Zhong

publication date

  • 2018