Trans-Urethral Snare of Bladder Tumor (TUSnBT) with Stone Basket Retrieval: A Novel Time-Saving Technique in the Endoscopic Management of Papillary Bladder Lesions Academic Article uri icon


  • To assess if trans-urethral snare of bladder tumor (TUSnBT) with subsequent stone basket retrieval can be used as an effective, time-saving adjunct resection technique for papillary bladder lesions.Via standard cystoscopy, TUSnBT was performed using a standard endoscopic polypectomy snare with subsequent tumor extraction utilizing a standard stone retrieval basket, when lesions were more than 10 mm in diameter. Smaller lesions were removed with the polypectomy snare. Standard trans-urethral resection of bladder tumors (TURBT) of the tumor bed was performed post TUSnBT. Histological assessment was performed and assessed separately per session.In total, 18 papillary lesions, measuring between 9 and 26 mm, were resected via TUSnBT. Operative TUSnBT time, ranged between 10 and 60 seconds duration per lesion. No significant postoperative morbidity was experienced by patients within this cohort. Histo-pathological assessment revealed adequate muscle representation in 83.3 % of TUSnBT grouped sessions assessed.TUSnBT with stone retrieval basket retrieval is a feasible method in selected papillary bladder lesions, and may be coupled with standard TURBT resection techniques. This method is less time consuming and would prove beneficial in select lesions. It may also be beneficial to assist with reducing the resection time or inadvertent bladder perforation encountered during the conventional TURBT.


publication date

  • 2017