Unusually Strong Electrochemiluminescence from Iridium-Based Redox Polymers Immobilized As Thin Layers or Polymer Nanoparticles Academic Article uri icon


  • A new class of redox metallopolymer based on cyclometalated iridium(III) centers is described, with unusually intense luminescence properties in aqueous media. We report the facile synthesis, photophysical and electrochemical characterization, supported by DFT calculations and their electrochemiluminescence (ECL) properties which, under some circumstances, are significantly greater than the analogous ruthenium-based materials. The photoluminescence (PL) and ECL of these materials are further dramatically enhanced when dispersed or immobilized as polymeric nanoparticles (PNPs). This aggregation-induced emission (AIE and AIECL) operates by providing important protection for the cyclometalated iridium(III) centers against the types of quenching processes which commonly afflict iridium-based luminophores in aqueous media. The results suggest interesting new avenues of research for the application of such materials in and PL and ECL-based detection and imaging as well as light-emitting devices.

publication date

  • 2018