Hierarchical Bayes model for random haplotype and family effects in the transmission of fragile-X Academic Article uri icon


  • A model for the transmission of the CGG repeat sequence associated with the fragile-X dynamic mutation in the FMR1 gene is developed. The model incorporates both haplotype and family effects on the expansion rate of the sequence. The resulting random effects model is fitted to new data, using computer-intensive Markov chain Monte Carlo methods. The results demonstrate both the FRAXAC1-DXS458 haplotype and family effects on the transmission of CGG repeats from mother to offspring.


  • Huggins, RM
  • Loesch, DZ
  • Qian, GQ
  • Bui, QM
  • Mitchell, RJ
  • Dobson, M
  • Taylor, AK

publication date

  • May 2004