Evaluation of a monoclonal IgM antibody for purging of bone marrow for autologous transplantation Academic Article uri icon


  • A monoclonal antibody of the IgM class, reacting with the CD9 (p24) antigen is described. The antibody (FMC27) is cytotoxic against cells of the common type of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (c-ALL), giving killing at higher dilutions than an IgG antibody (FMC8) against the same antigen. FMC27 and FMC8 recognise different epitopes, and FMC27 may thus be used in a cocktail together with FMC8 and an antibody against the c-ALL antigen, WM21. Furthermore, the IgM antibody can be coated directly onto magnetic microparticles for magnetic purging, unlike the IgG antibody which must be used in a two-layer procedure.


  • Zola, H
  • Potter, A
  • Neoh, SH
  • Juttner, CA
  • Haylock, DN
  • Rice, AM
  • Favaloro, EJ
  • Kabral, A
  • Bradstock, KF

publication date

  • July 14, 1987

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