Feltman: Evaluating the utilisation of an Aboriginal diabetes education tool by health professionals Academic Article uri icon


  • Diabetes contributes considerably to the health disparities in the Aboriginal population. To address the lack of Aboriginal-specific diabetes education tools, Feltman was designed for health professionals to deliver diabetes prevention and management information. This qualitative study aims to explore how this resource was used and its perceived effect on diabetes prevention and management in Victorian Aboriginal communities. Convenience sampling was used to recruit 18 participants (n=6 were Aboriginal) who had attended Feltman training between 2010 and 2016. Semi-structured interviews conducted via telephone or face-to-face were audio-recorded, transcribed and analysed via content analysis. Content analysis identified three main categories regarding Feltman: (1) utilisation in Aboriginal and mainstream health services; (2) as a comprehensive, engaging tool that supports understanding of diabetes; and (3) the barriers and challenges to Feltman’s use. Overall, Feltman was regarded as a culturally appropriate diabetes education tool that is visual, tactile, engaging, supportive of health literacy and perceived to enhance Community members’ understanding of diabetes prevention and management. This is the first study to provide insight into Feltman’s implementation; adding to the evidence-base for Aboriginal-specific diabetes education tools.


  • Xu, H
  • Geros, C
  • Turner, E
  • Egan, M
  • Cocotis, K
  • Mitchell, C
  • Arambasic, N
  • Browne, Jennifer

publication date

  • 2018