Expression library immunization protects mice against a challenge with virulent rodent malaria Academic Article uri icon


  • Although several candidate vaccine antigens have been developed for malaria, there is as yet no effective single vaccine available. There is a growing consensus that the ultimate malaria vaccine will be multivalent, requiring the identification of a suitable cocktail of antigens. However, evaluation of the multitude of potential malaria vaccine antigens in suitable combinations is a daunting task. Here we describe the validation of expression library immunization (ELI) as a tool for the discovery of sequences protective against malaria infection. A genomic Plasmodium chabaudi expression library was constructed comprising ten separate pools of 3000 plasmids. Over three vaccine trials using biolistic delivery of pools composed of 616 to 30,000 plasmids we report up to 63% protection of mice from a challenge with P. chabaudi adami DS, a highly virulent strain. Overall, ELI protected 36% of vaccinated mice against virulent challenge compared with only 3.2% survival of control mice. These results demonstrate that ELI is a suitable approach for screening the malaria genome to identify the components of multivalent vaccines.

publication date

  • May 2000