Evaluation of antigens of Fasciola gigantica as vaccines against tropical fasciolosis in cattle Academic Article uri icon


  • Vaccine trials were conducted in Brahman cross cattle evaluating the efficacy of 4 native antigens purified from adult Fasciola gigantica flukes, and 1 recombinant F. gigantica antigen, as vaccines against tropical fasciolosis. The antigens tested were native glutathione S-transferase, cathepsin L, paramyosin, fatty acid binding protein (FABP), and a recombinant FABP expressed in E. coli, and were formulated in 1 or more of several adjuvants (Quil A, Squalene Montanide 80, MF59-100, Auspharm, NAGO, polylactoglycolide microspheres, Algammulin, DEAE, Freund's). Vaccination induced low, moderate or high antibody titres to the various antigens which were dependent on the adjuvant. Low but significant reductions in fluke burdens (31%, P < 0.026) and fluke wet weight (36%, P < 0.041) were only observed in cattle vaccinated with the native FABP in Freund's adjuvant. There was no correlation between total antibody titres to FABP and protection. The protection observed in cattle vaccinated with native FABP of F. gigantica supports the notion that this class of proteins is a useful target for protection of animals against Fasciola and extends the efficacy of FABPs to the tropical liver fluke. This is the first report of vaccination of cattle against F. gigantica with a purified protein.


  • Estunningsih, S Endah
  • Smooker, Peter M
  • Wiedosari, Ening
  • Widjajanti, Sri
  • Vaiano, Sam
  • Partoutomo, Sutijono
  • Spithill, Terry W

publication date

  • November 1997

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