Cross-presentation of cutaneous melanoma antigen by migratory XCR1(+)CD103(-) and XCR1(+)CD103(+) dendritic cells Academic Article uri icon


  • The question of which dendritic cells (DCs) cross-present peripheral tumor antigens remains unanswered. We assessed the ability of multiple skin-derived and lymphoid resident DCs to perform this function in a novel orthotopic murine melanoma model where tumor establishment and expansion is within the skin. Two migratory populations defined as CD103(-)XCR1(+) and CD103(+)XCR1(+) efficiently cross-presented melanoma-derived antigen, with the CD103(-)XCR1(+) DCs surprisingly dominating this process. These results are critical for understanding how antitumor CD8(+) T cell immunity is coordinated to tumor antigens present within the skin.


  • Wylie, B
  • Seppanen, E
  • Xiao, K
  • Zemek, R
  • Zanker, D
  • Prato, S
  • Foley, B
  • Hart, PH
  • Kroczek, RA
  • Chen, W
  • Waithman, J

publication date

  • 2015