Progressive replacement of embryo-derived cardiac macrophages with age Academic Article uri icon


  • Molawi et al. examine the origin and cellular dynamics of macrophages in the heart during postnatal development. Cardiac macrophages derived from CX3CR1+ embryonic progenitors persist into adulthood, but the contribution of these cells to resident macrophages declines after birth with diminished self-renewal as the mice age. Over time, the heart is progressively reconstituted with bone marrow–derived macrophages, even in the absence of inflammation.


  • Molawi, Kaaweh
  • Wolf, Yochai
  • Kandalla, Prashanth K
  • Favret, Jeremy
  • Hagemeyer, Nora
  • Frenzel, Kathrin
  • Pinto, Ruvantha
  • Klapproth, Kay
  • Henri, Sandrine
  • Malissen, Bernard
  • Rodewald, Hans-Reimer
  • Rosenthal, Nadia A
  • Bajenoff, Marc
  • Prinz, Marco
  • Jung, Steffen
  • Sieweke, Michael H

publication date

  • 2014