Ouabain does not impair reconsolidation following a reminder of passive avoidance learning in the day-old chick Academic Article uri icon


  • This study investigated the effect of ouabain, an inhibitor of NA(+) and K(+) ATPase, on consolidation and reconsolidation of a passive avoidance learning task in the day-old chick. In the consolidating trace, ouabain is thought to inhibit an intermediate-term memory phase, some aspects of which acts as a "trigger" for long-term stabilisation of the trace by new protein synthesis. It was hypothesised that a similar process may initiate the protein synthesis observed following reminder-activated reconsolidation in the young chick. Chicks were trained on a single trial passive avoidance task. A dose of 0.2 ug/kg ouabain was administered intracranially either 5 min post-training (consolidation processes) or 5 min post-reminder (reconsolidation processes). Consistent with previous research, ouabain administration induced a memory deficit following the initial learning trial. However, contrary to expectation, ouabain did not disrupt memory processing post-reactivation. This finding provides further evidence for the notion that consolidation and reconsolidation are associated with similar, but distinct, stages of processing.

publication date

  • August 2007