Defining the interaction of perforin with calcium and the phospholipid membrane Academic Article uri icon


  • The present study resolves the molecular mechanism behind the key first steps in the action of an essential immune protein, cytotoxic lymphocyte perforin, binding to the plasma membrane of a target cell and initiation of pore formation.


  • Traore, Daouda AK
  • Brennan, Amelia J
  • Law, Ruby HP
  • Dogovski, Con
  • Perugini, Matthew A
  • Lukoyanova, Natalya
  • Leung, Eleanor WW
  • Norton, Raymond S
  • Lopez, Jamie A
  • Browne, Kylie A
  • Yagita, Hideo
  • Lloyd, Gordon J
  • Ciccone, Annette
  • Verschoor, Sandra
  • Trapani, Joseph A
  • Whisstock, James C
  • Voskoboinik, Ilia

publication date

  • December 15, 2013