Designing Effective Pedagogical Systems for Teaching and Learning with Mobile and Ubiquitous Devices Chapter uri icon

Book Title

  • Multiplatform E-Learning Systems and Technologies


  • The aim of this chapter is to explore issues in effective system design to bring about pedagogically sound learning with mobile devices, including the emerging generation of new devices. The authors review pedagogical models and theories applicable to mobile learning (or m-learning) and ubiquitous learning (or u-learning, also sometimes called pervasive learning, or p-learning), consider the technological support available, and describe scenarios and case studies that exemplify the achievements and challenges for each paradigm. They will also consider possible abstractions that relate ways in which learners can work within varied pedagogical model(s) to make use of relevant supporting technologies, e.g., the notions of “personal learning workflows” and “group learning workflows.”

publication date

  • December 1, 2009