Isolation and characterization of bacteriophage NTR1 infectious for Nocardia transvalensis and other Nocardia species Academic Article uri icon


  • We describe here the isolation and characterization of the bacteriophage, NTR1 from activated sludge. This phage is lytic for Nocardia transvalensis, Nocardia brasiliensis and Nocardia farcinica. NTR1 phage has a genome sequence of 65,275 bp in length, and its closest match is to the Skermania piniformis phage SPI1 sharing over 36% of its genome. The phage belongs to the Siphoviridae family, possessing a long non-contractile tail and icosahedral head. Annotation of the genome reveals 97 putative open reading frames arranged in the characteristic modular organization of Siphoviridae phages and contains a single tRNA-Met gene.

publication date

  • 2019