Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease cluster in an Australian rural city Academic Article uri icon


  • Through the Australian National Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Registry, 6 pathologically confirmed sporadic cases were recognized over a 13-year period in persons who had been long-term residents of a moderate-sized rural city, whereas the expected number was 0.923. An extensive investigation could not find any point-source or case-to-case transmission links. This occurrence is highly statistically significant (p = 0.0027) when viewed in isolation and remains significant (p < 0.02) when only the cases that arose after the cluster was recognized were taken into account. However, a more conservative statistical analysis suggests that such a grouping could have arisen by chance in at least one population group of this size when the whole country is taken into consideration.


  • Collins, Steven
  • Boyd, Alison
  • Fletcher, Ashley
  • Kaldor, John
  • Hill, Andrew
  • Farish, Stephen
  • McLean, Catriona
  • Ansari, Zahid
  • Smith, Margaret
  • Masters, Colin L

publication date

  • July 2002