Infrared spectroscopy of ozone and hydrogen chloride aerosols Academic Article uri icon


  • Aerosols of ozone have been generated in a collisional cooling cell and observed over a small temperature range via FTIR spectroscopy, with the phase transition from the vapour taking place in the range 80-84 K. The condensed phase bands at 1038 cm(-1) (nu3) and 2105 cm(-1) (nu1+nu3) were assigned to the liquid phase. Aerosols were also generated from mixtures of ozone and HCl. In the presence of liquid ozone aerosols, evidence of solvated HCl was observed via a broad IR band 2795 cm(-1). Notably, production of a metastable, amorphous solid phase of HCl (exhibiting a narrow band at 2780 cm(-1)) was favoured to the extent that it could be generated in large excess over the crystalline orthorhombic form that usually dominates at 80 K.


publication date

  • 2009