Organogels Derived from Tetranitrated Crown Ethers Academic Article uri icon


  • [reaction: see text] The 3,3',4'4'-tetranitrodibenzocrown ethers TNDB24C8 and TNDB30C10 form organogels with chloroalkanes at 3% w/v. Atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy have been used to characterize the superstructure of the gels. Gels prepared using TNDB30C10 and CHCl(3) are more fibrous and are ordered into elongated domains attributable to exposed parts of intermingled fibers. Differential scanning calorimetry shows that the gel aids in the formation of supercooled CHCl(3) (DeltaT = 21 K, DeltaH(av) = 19.0 +/- 1.5 kJ mol(-)(1)) and that the gel liquefies at 307 K.


  • Langford, Steven J
  • Latter, Melissa J
  • Lau, Vei-Lin
  • Martin, Lisandra L
  • Mechler, Adam

publication date

  • March 2006