The polycomb repressive complex 2 governs life and death of peripheral T cells Academic Article uri icon


  • Key Points Ezh2 represses Ifng, Gata3, and Il10 loci in naïve CD4+T cells, and its deficiency leads to Th1 skewing and IL-10 overproduction in Th2 cells. Ezh2 deficiency activates multiple death pathways in differentiated effector Th cells.


  • Zhang, Y
  • Kinkel, S
  • Maksimovic, J
  • Bandala-Sanchez, E
  • Tanzer, MC
  • Naselli, G
  • Zhang, JG
  • Zhan, Y
  • Lew, AM
  • Silke, J
  • Oshlack, A
  • Blewitt, ME
  • Harrison, LC

publication date

  • 2014

published in