Recruitment of the Linear Ubiquitin Chain Assembly Complex Stabilizes the TNF-R1 Signaling Complex and Is Required for TNF-Mediated Gene Induction Academic Article uri icon


  • TNF is a key inflammatory cytokine. Using a modified tandem affinity purification approach, we identified HOIL-1 and HOIP as functional components of the native TNF-R1 signaling complex (TNF-RSC). Together, they were shown to form a linear ubiquitin chain assembly complex (LUBAC) and to ubiquitylate NEMO. We show that LUBAC binds to ubiquitin chains of different linkage types and that its recruitment to the TNF-RSC is impaired in TRADD-, TRAF2-, and cIAP1/2- but not in RIP1- or NEMO-deficient MEFs. Furthermore, the E3 ligase activity of cIAPs, but not TRAF2, is required for HOIL-1 recruitment to the TNF-RSC. LUBAC enhances NEMO interaction with the TNF-RSC, stabilizes this protein complex, and is required for efficient TNF-induced activation of NF-kappaB and JNK, resulting in apoptosis inhibition. Finally, we demonstrate that sustained stability of the TNF-RSC requires LUBAC's enzymatic activity, thereby adding a third form of ubiquitin linkage to the triggering of TNF signaling by the TNF-RSC.


  • Haas, Tobias L
  • Emmerich, Christoph H
  • Gerlach, Björn
  • Schmukle, Anna C
  • Cordier, Stefanie M
  • Rieser, Eva
  • Feltham, Rebecca
  • Vince, James
  • Warnken, Uwe
  • Wenger, Till
  • Koschny, Ronald
  • Komander, David
  • Silke, John
  • Walczak, Henning

publication date

  • December 2009

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