Magical ideation and its relation to lateral preference Academic Article uri icon


  • Schizophrenia and schizotypal personality have been linked to sinistrality as well as ambidextrality. The current study clarifies the relation between laterality and schizotypal personality by administering a battery of laterality questionnaires to measure hand, eye, ear, and foot preference in a group of 933 university students. To determine whether the relationship between schizotypy and laterality is limited to self-report measures, performance asymmetries between the hands were measured with tapping rate. There was no difference between dextrals and sinistrals in schizotypal personality, as indexed by the Magical Ideation (MI) scale. MI was higher, however, for individuals with a weak preference for either hand or eye compared to those with a strong dominance. In addition, individuals inconsistent in their lateral preference across modalities showed higher MI scores. Performance asymmetries had no effect on MI scores. This lack of effect was attributed to the inability of performance measures, such as tapping rate, to identify ambidextrals. The results support research linking schizotypal personality to ambidextrality and weak cerebral dominance and demonstrate that the association extends to modalities other than hand preference.

publication date

  • November 2005