Developing strategies to increase medical practitioner participation in the Medical College activities of training, examination and accreditation Report uri icon


  • The training and examination of candidates for medical specialist designation, and accreditation of training sites are core activities of ANZCA. Fellows are College members who are encouraged to volunteer to carry out these professional duties, as well as serving on the governance committees of the College. Colleges are funded primarily through member and trainee fees. To ensure its sustainability, ANZCA requires substantial pro bono support from its Fellows. This research is undertaken in partnership with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA). By examining the factors that influence Fellows' participation in ANZCA activities, this study aims to improve the recruitment and participation of volunteer Fellows. The ability of ANZCA to harness this volunteer labour is critical to controlling healthcare costs, maintaining the supply of medical practitioners, preserving professional standards and safeguarding the quality of patient care and safety. Based on an internal review, ANZCA recognizes potential difficulties in recruiting volunteers, particularly in the context of evolving social trends, generational change and broader institutional and political forces. ANZCA is concerned that a decline in the availability of volunteer Fellows would have negative consequences for the effective operation of the Australian healthcare system. This research will address the following questions: – What are the drivers and processes that influence the level of participation of Fellows in ANZCA activities? – What are the personal factors that influence the decision to participate? – How do elements of the ANZCA management systems, such as human resource management, influence the recruitment and level of participation of the Fellows? – What are the potential strategies that ANZCA can utilise to increase the participation of members in College activities? This study will result in the following outcomes: – A framework which explains the factors which influence the voluntary participation of Fellows in ANZCA activities. – A set of practical, sustainable management strategies that help will assist ANZCA in recruiting and increasing the participation of Fellows, and also accommodate the diversity of Fellows, particularly with respect to age, gender, ethnicity and family responsibilities. – A report for ANZCA on the project’s key findings and recommendations. The research team will disseminate findings in academic journals, industry publications, conferences and other presentation outlets, which will be relevant for Medical Colleges around the world.

publication date

  • 2013