Efficacy of the ADEC in Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder in Clinically Referred Toddlers in the US Academic Article uri icon


  • The Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC) is a brief, play-based screening tool for the assessment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children aged 12-36 months. We examined the psychometric properties of the ADEC in a clinical sample of toddlers (n = 114) referred to a US pediatric hospital for assessment due to concerns of developmental delay or ASD. The ADEC (cutoff = 11) returned good sensitivity (.93-.94) but poorer specificity (.62-.64) for best estimate clinical diagnosis of ASD, and compared favorably with the ADOS-2. Internal consistency was acceptable, α = .80, and inter-rater reliability was high, ICC = .95. Results support the use of the ADEC as a clinical screen for ASD.


  • Hedley, D
  • Nevill, RE
  • Monroy-Moreno, Y
  • Fields, N
  • Wilkins, J
  • Butter, E
  • Mulick, JA

publication date

  • 2015