Identification and Bioactivity of 3- epi -Xestoaminol C Isolated from the New Zealand Brown Alga Xiphophora chondrophylla Academic Article uri icon


  • We report here the bioassay-guided isolation of a new 1-deoxysphingoid, 3-epi-xestoaminol C (1), isolated from the New Zealand brown alga Xiphophora chondrophylla. This is the first report of a 1-deoxysphingoid from a brown alga. We describe the isolation and full structure elucidation of this compound, including its absolute configuration, along with its bioactivity against mycobacteria and mammalian cell lines and preliminary mechanism of action studies using yeast chemical genomics.


  • Dasyam, Nathaniel
  • Munkacsi, Andrew B
  • Fadzilah, Nazmi H
  • Senanayake, Dinindu S
  • O'Toole, Ronan
  • Keyzers, Robert A

publication date

  • 2014