Single pulse coherence measurements in the water window at the free-electron laser FLASH Academic Article uri icon


  • The spatial coherence of free-electron laser radiation in the water window spectral range was studied, using the third harmonic (λ<(3rd) = 2.66 nm) of DESY's Free-electron LASer in Hamburg (FLASH). Coherent single pulse diffraction patterns of 1,2-Dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DOPC) multilamellar lipid stacks have been recorded. The intensity histogram of the speckle pattern around the first lamellar Bragg peak, corresponding to the d = 5 nm periodicity of the stack, reveals an average number of transverse modes of M¯ = 3.0 of the 3rd harmonic. Using the lipid stack as a 'monochromator', pulse-to-pulse fluctuations in the third harmonic λ(3rd) have been determined to be 0.033 nm.


  • Mai, DD
  • Hallmann, J
  • Reusch, T
  • Osterhoff, M
  • Düsterer, S
  • Treusch, R
  • Singer, A
  • Beckers, M
  • Gorniak, T
  • Senkbeil, T
  • Dronyak, R
  • Gulden, J
  • Yefanov, OM
  • Al-Shemmary, A
  • Rosenhahn, A
  • Mancuso, Adrian P
  • Vartanyants, IA
  • Salditt, T

publication date

  • 2013

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