Digital In-line Holography with femtosecond VUV radiation provided by the free-electron laser FLASH Academic Article uri icon


  • Femtosecond vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation provided by the free-electron laser FLASH was used for digital in-line holographic microscopy and applied to image particles, diatoms and critical point dried fibroblast cells. To realize the classical in-line Gabor geometry, a 1 microm pinhole was used as spatial filter to generate a divergent light cone with excellent pointing stability. At a fundamental wavelength of 8 nm test objects such as particles and diatoms were imaged at a spatial resolution of 620 nm. In order to demonstrate the applicability to biologically relevant systems, critical point dried rat embryonic fibroblast cells were for the first time imaged with free-electron laser radiation.


  • Rosenhahn, Axel
  • Staier, Florian
  • Nisius, Thomas
  • Schäfer, David
  • Barth, Ruth
  • Christophis, Christof
  • Stadler, Lorenz-M
  • Streit-Nierobisch, Simone
  • Gutt, Christian
  • Mancuso, Adrian
  • Schropp, Andreas
  • Gulden, Johannes
  • Reime, Bernd
  • Feldhaus, Josef
  • Weckert, Edgar
  • Pfau, Bastian
  • Günther, Christian M
  • Könnecke, René
  • Eisebitt, Stefan
  • Martins, Michael
  • Faatz, Bart
  • Guerassimova, Natalia
  • Honkavaara, Katja
  • Treusch, Rolf
  • Saldin, Evgueni
  • Schreiber, Siegfried
  • Schneidmiller, Evgeny A
  • Yurkov, Mikhail V
  • Vartanyants, Ivan
  • Grübel, Gerhard
  • Grunze, Michael
  • Wilhein, Thomas

publication date

  • May 11, 2009