Evolution of sex determination and the Y chromosome: SRY-related sequences in marsupials Academic Article uri icon


  • In mammals, testis determination is under the control of the testis-determining factor borne by the Y chromosome. SRY, a gene cloned from the sex-determining region of the human Y chromosome, has been equated with the testis-determining factor in man and mouse. We have used a human SRY probe to identify and clone related genes from the Y chromosome of two marsupial species. Comparisons of eutherian and metatherian Y-located SRY sequences suggest rapid evolution of these genes, especially outside the region encoding the DNA-binding HMG box. The SRY homologues, together with the mouse Ube1y homologues, are the first genes to be identified on the marsupial Y chromosome.


  • Graves, Jenny
  • Foster, Jamie W
  • Brennan, Francine E
  • Hampikian, Gregory K
  • Goodfellow, Peter N
  • Sinclair, Andrew H
  • Lovell-Badge, Robin
  • Selwood, Lynne
  • Renfree, Marilyn B
  • Cooper, Desmond W
  • Marshall Graves, Jennifer A

publication date

  • October 1992

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