The Androgen Receptor Gene Is Located on a Highly Conserved Region of the X Chromosomes of Marsupial and Monotreme as well as Eutherian Mammals Academic Article uri icon


  • The androgen receptor gene (AR), which is located on the long arm of the human X chromosome, was mapped by somatic cell analysis and in situ hybridization in marsupial and monotreme species. Both methods demonstrated that it was located on the X chromosome in each marsupial species, and also in the platypus. We conclude that this gene is part of a highly conserved region of the mammalian X, represented by the human Xq, which formed part of the X chromosome in a mammalian ancestor 150 million years ago. Since this gene is located proximally on the long arm of the monotreme X, which is G-band homologous to the Y and apparently exempt from X chromosome inactivation, the conservation of this region has evidently not depended on its isolation by X-Y differentiation or on X inactivation.

publication date

  • March 1991