Characterizing the chromosomes of the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) Academic Article uri icon


  • Like the unique platypus itself, the platypus genome is extraordinary because of its complex sex chromosome system, and is controversial because of difficulties in identification of small autosomes and sex chromosomes. A 6-fold shotgun sequence of the platypus genome is now available and is being assembled with the help of physical mapping. It is therefore essential to characterize the chromosomes and resolve the ambiguities and inconsistencies in identifying autosomes and sex chromosomes. We have used chromosome paints and DAPI banding to identify and classify pairs of autosomes and sex chromosomes. We have established an agreed nomenclature and identified anchor BAC clones for each chromosome that will ensure unambiguous gene localizations.


  • McMillan, Daniel
  • Miethke, Pat
  • Alsop, Amber E
  • Rens, Willem
  • O’Brien, Patricia
  • Trifonov, Vladimir
  • Veyrunes, Frederic
  • Schatzkamer, Kyriena
  • Kremitzki, Colin L
  • Graves, Tina
  • Warren, Wesley
  • Grützner, Frank
  • Ferguson-Smith, Malcolm A
  • Graves, Jennifer A Marshall

publication date

  • December 2007