Chromosome segregation from cell hybrids. V. Does segregation result from asynchronous centromere separation? Academic Article uri icon


  • Hamster–mouse and hamster–human hybrid cell lines were used to test the hypothesis that a species-specific difference in the timing of centromere separation is the basis for preferential chromosome segregation from interspecific cell hybrids. Colcemid-treated preparations were C-banded to differentiate hamster and mouse chromosomes or G-11 banded to differentiate hamster and human chromosomes. Metaphase spreads showing at least some centromere separation were photographed and the extent of separation, and the species of origin, was determined for each chromosome. There was no evidence that centromere separation of segregant chromosomes was consistently premature or delayed.Key words: chromosome segregation, centromere separation, cell hybrids.

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  • April 1, 1988

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