Multi-Cloud Data Management Using Shamir’s Secret Sharing and Quantum Byzantine Agreement Schemes Academic Article uri icon


  • Cloud computing is a phenomenal distributed computing paradigm that provides flexible, low-cost on-demand data management to businesses. However, this so-called outsourcing of computing resources causes business data security and privacy concerns. Although various methods have been proposed to deal with these concerns, none of these relates to multi-clouds. This paper presents a practical data management model in a public and private multi-cloud environment. The proposed model BFT-MCDB incorporates Shamir's Secret Sharing approach and Quantum Byzantine Agreement protocol to improve trustworthiness and security of business data storage, without compromising performance. The performance evaluation is carried out using a cloud computing simulator called CloudSim. The experimental results show significantly better performance in terms of data storage and data retrieval compared to other common cloud cryptographic based models. The performance evaluation based on CloudSim experiments demonstrates the feasibility of the proposed multi-cloud data management model.

publication date

  • 2015