Health professionals in a changing climate: protocol for a scoping review Academic Article uri icon


  • IntroductionClimate change will impose significant health impacts. Although we know health professionals should play a critical role in protecting human health from climate change, their preparedness to engage with these issues worldwide is unclear. This study aims to map the range and nature of existing evidence regarding health professionals’ knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and practices regarding climate change and health impacts and the challenges they face, and identify knowledge gaps to guide future development of research, policy and practices.Methods and analysisWe will perform a scoping review based on the six-stage framework proposed by Arksey and O’Malley. Our study includes peer-reviewed literature focusing on any aspect of health professionals’ work regarding climate change and health since 2002 and indexed in MEDLINE/Pubmed, Web of Science, Scopus or Embase. Identified papers will be described and assessed. Thematic analysis will be applied to evaluate and categorise the study findings.Implications and disseminationThis is the first scoping review of health professionals’ activities to anticipate and prepare for health impacts attributable to climate change. It will provide evidence regarding the current situations worldwide and gaps in preparedness. The findings can be used to highlight accomplishments to date, identify gaps and further develop good practices for health professionals’ engagement. The results will be published in the peer-reviewed literature and shared at health professional society meetings.


  • Yang, Lianping
  • Liu, Chaojie
  • Hess, Jeremy
  • Phung, Dung
  • Huang, Cunrui

publication date

  • 2019