South Asians and Anglo Australians with heart disease in Australia Academic Article uri icon


  • The aim of the present study was to determine cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk tactors and compare presentation and severity of ischaemic heart disease (IHD) among South Asians (SAs) and Anglo Australians (AAs).A retrospective clinical case audit was conducted at a public tertiary hospital. The study population included SA and AA patients hospitalised for IHD. Baseline characteristics, evidence of diabetes and other CVD risk factors were recorded. Angiography data were also included to determine severity, and these were assessed using a modified Gensini score.SAs had lower mean (± s.d.) age of IHD presentation that AAs (52 ± 9 vs 55 ± 9 years, respectively; P = 0.02), as well as a lower average body mass index (BMI; 26 ± 4 vs 29 ± 6 kg/m2, respectively; P = 0.005), but a higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes (57% vs 31%, respectively; P = 0.00 1). No significant differences were found in coronary angiography parameters. There were no significant differences in the median (interquartile range) Gensini score between SAs and AAs (43.5 (27-75) vs 44 (26.5-68.5), respectively), median vessel score (1 (1-2) vs 2 (1-3), respectively) or multivessel score (37% (33/89) vs 54% (22/41), respectively).The findings show that in those with established IHD, cardiovascular risk factors, such as age at onset and BMI, differ between SAs and AAs and these differences should be considered in the prevention and management of IHD.


  • Gupta, S
  • Aroni, R
  • Lockwood, S
  • Jayasuriya, I
  • Teede, H

publication date

  • 2015