The Use of Real-Time PCR to Study the Expression of Thyroid Hormone Receptor β2 in the Developing Chicken Academic Article uri icon


  • Thyroid hormones and their receptors (TRs) have critical functions in development and metabolism. In chicken, three TRs are known: TRalpha, TRbeta0, and TRbeta2. The latter was isolated from chicken eye, but its presence in other tissues has not yet been extensively investigated. We therefore developed a real-time PCR assay using a Taqman probe and primers based on the unique amino-terminal region of TRbeta2. We detected a strong TRbeta2 mRNA signal in the pituitary, confirmed with in situ hybridization, and in several other tissues. TRbeta2 mRNA was more abundant in the pituitary of newly hatched chicks than in 15-day-old embryos.

publication date

  • April 2005