A versatile liquid-jet setup for the European XFEL Academic Article uri icon


  • The SPB/SFX instrument of the European XFEL provides unique possibilities for high-throughput serial femtosecond crystallography. This publication presents the liquid-jet sample delivery setup of this instrument. The setup is compatible with state-of-the-art gas dynamic virtual nozzle systems as well as high-viscosity extruders and provides space and flexibility for other liquid injection devices and future upgrades. The liquid jets are confined in a differentially pumped catcher assembly and can be replaced within a couple of minutes through a load-lock. A two-microscope imaging system allows visual control of the jets from two perspectives.


  • Schulz, J
  • Bielecki, J
  • Doak, RB
  • Dörner, K
  • Graceffa, R
  • Shoeman, RL
  • Sikorski, M
  • Thute, P
  • Westphal, D
  • Mancuso, Adrian P

publication date

  • 2019