The central morphology of the giant interneurons and their spatial relationship with the thoracic motorneurons in the cockroach,Periplaneta americana (insecta) Academic Article uri icon


  • Three groups of giant fibers are found in the cockroach ventral nerve cord. A latero-dorsal group (dorsal GIs), a latero-ventral group (ventral GIs) and a medio-ventral group. The morphology of all three groups of fibers within the thoracic ganglia is described. The morphology of the dorsal and ventral GI pathways in the abdominal and suboesophageal ganglia is also described. The projection patterns of the neurons in each ganglion are remarkably similar which suggests a common function. When motorneurons 5rl (depressor) and 6Br4 (levator) are stained simultaneously with the dorsal and ventral GI groups, some branches from both motor and giant neurons converge. The branching of the remaining medio-ventral group of fibers and their proximity to areas receiving motorneuronal input suggests that these are the small diameter axons described by Dagan and Parnas (1970).

publication date

  • July 1985