Variability in the Location of the Retinal Ganglion Cell Area Centralis Is Correlated with Ontogenetic Changes in Feeding Behavior in the Black Bream, Acanthopagrus butcheri (Sparidae, Teleostei) Academic Article uri icon


  • The development of neural cell topography in the retinal ganglion cell layer was examined in a teleost, the black bream (Acanthopagrus butcheri). From Nissl-stained wholemounts, it was established that fish between 10 and 15 mm standard body length (SL) possess high cell densities throughout the dorso-temporal retinal quadrant, with peak cell densities located in temporal regions of the retina. However, in fish between 15 and 80 mm SL, a wide variation in the position of the peak cell density is revealed with the locations of the areae centrales (AC) ranging from exclusively temporal to periphero-dorsal retina. Fish larger than 80 mm SL always possess an AC located in the dorsal region of the dorso-temporal retinal quadrant. The topography of ganglion cells within the ganglion cell layer was determined by comparing the numbers of ganglion cells retrogradely-labeled from the optic nerve with the total population of Nissl-stained neurons (ganglion plus displaced amacrine cells) in a range of different-sized individuals. Ganglion cell topography was the same as that recorded for all Nissl-stained neurons. The feeding behavior of juveniles from metamorphosis to 80 mm SL was observed, where fish were given the choice of feeding on live food in mid-water (until 15 mm SL) or obtaining pellets from the surface or the bottom. A range of feeding patterns was recorded, with the smallest fish taking food from mid-water but individuals between 15 and 80 mm SL taking food either from the surface or the bottom or both. A correlation between the preferred mode of feeding and the position of the AC was found, such that those individuals feeding in mid-water or at the surface possess a temporal or intermediate (dorso- temporal) AC, whereas those predominantly feeding from the bottom possess a dorsal AC.


  • Shand, Julia
  • Chin, Stephanie M
  • Harman, Alison M
  • Moore, Stephen
  • Collin, Shaun P

publication date

  • 2000