An entrepreneurial approach to cloud computing design and application: Technological innovation and information system usage Chapter uri icon

Book Title

  • Advanced Research on Cloud Computing Design and Applications


  • The design and application of cloud computing services is inherently entrepreneurial as it is constantly evolving as a result of technological innovation. This chapter focuses on providing an entrepreneurial approach to understanding change in the cloud computing context by highlighting the importance of innovative system usage. The chapter discusses how cloud computing services are creating a ecosystem of mobile commerce applications that is changing the way consumers, businesses and the government collects, disseminates and stores information. These changes have given way to entrepreneurial service innovations in the cloud domain that are a result of consumer demand for more current and relevant technological innovations. This chapter addresses the role of entrepreneurship in technological innovations by focusing on marketing and learning applications that are unique to cloud computing services. The future research suggestions from this chapter stress the importance nature of being entrepreneurial to encourage technological innovation in the cloud computing context.

publication date

  • 2015