Synthesis, characterization and theoretical investigations of the structure, electronic properties and third-order nonlinearity optics (NLO) of M(DPIP)2 Academic Article uri icon


  • Three complexes of M(DPIP)2 (M=Cu, Co, Zn as 1, 2, 3) were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, IR, UV-Vis, thermogravimetry, and X-ray diffraction. Their nonlinear optical properties were measured by the Z-scan technique and yielded a normalized transmittance of about 70% for complex 1 (45 μJ pulse), and 93% for complex 3 (68 μJ pulse at the focus point). The nonlinear absorption coefficient, β, is 1.4×10(-11) m/W for 1 and 5.6×10(-13) m/W for 3, and the third-order nonlinear refraction index, n2, is 1.0×10(-18) m(2)/W for 3. Complex 1 shows self-defocusing property, while complex 3 exhibits self-focusing property. The thermogravimetric results show that the frame structure of compounds 1-3 begin to collapse at 400, 250 and 280°C, respectively, which suggests that they elicit excellent thermal stability. This research aims to provide better understanding of these compounds, and offer preliminary explanations for the significant differences between compounds 1-3, in order to potentially help in the designing of future novel materials with NLO properties.


  • Li, Kang
  • Tang, Guodong
  • Kou, ShanShan
  • Culnane, Lance F
  • Zhang, Yu
  • Song, Yinglin
  • Li, Rongqing
  • Wei, Changmei

publication date

  • 2015