A cross-sectional survey on patient safety culture in secondary hospitals of Northeast China Academic Article uri icon


  • OBJECTIVES:This study aims to investigate patient safety culture in secondary hospitals of Heilongjiang, Northeast China, and explore the implications of patient safety culture and practices through the perspectives of various healthcare workers. METHODS:A cross-sectional survey using the Safety Attitude Questionnaire (SAQ) was conducted to ascertain the status of patient safety culture in nine secondary hospitals across the six dimensions of the SAQ. Among the 900 staff members who were invited to participate, 665 completed the questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were used to calculate the general means and standard deviations of the patient safety culture dimensions and other numerical variables, and F-test and a multivariate regression analysis were used to statistically analyze the differences in perceptions of safety culture considering the differences in demographic characteristics. All statistical analyses were performed using SPSS v. 22.0. RESULTS:The respondents rated job satisfaction as the highest among all six dimensions of the SAQ, followed in order by teamwork climate, working conditions, and stress recognition (the lowest). There were significant differences among the dimensions of patient safety culture and other factors, such as gender, age, job position, and education. Compared with previous studies, teamwork climate and working conditions scores were quite high, while stress recognition score was very low. We also found differences in patient safety culture by demographic characteristics. CONCLUSIONS:The findings revealed the patient safety culture attitudes of healthcare workers in secondary hospitals of Heilongjiang, and provided baseline data for related future research. This evidence may also help government health policymakers and hospital administrators understand related challenges and develop strategies to improve patient safety culture in secondary hospitals of China and perhaps also in other developing countries.


  • Jiang, K
  • Tian, L
  • Yan, C
  • Li, Y
  • Fang, H
  • Peihang, S
  • Li, P
  • Jia, H
  • Wang, Y
  • Kang, Zheng
  • Cui, Y
  • Liu, H
  • Zhao, S
  • Anastasia, G
  • Jiao, M
  • Wu, Qunhong
  • Liu, M

publication date

  • 2019