Correlates of Anxiety in 6- to 8-Year-Old Children With ADHD: A Community-Based Study. Academic Article uri icon


  • OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to identify the child and parent/family correlates of anxiety in a community-based sample of children with ADHD. METHOD:Children (6-8 years) with ADHD ( n = 179) and controls ( n = 212) were assessed for ADHD and anxiety using the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children IV. Potential child and parent/family correlates were measured through direct assessments, and parent- and teacher-reported questionnaires. Associations were examined using univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses. RESULTS:One in four children with ADHD ( n = 44) met criteria for an anxiety disorder, compared with one in 20 controls ( n = 10). Anxiety was common in both boys and girls with ADHD. The strongest correlates of anxiety in multivariate analyses were ADHD subtype, primary caregiver psychosocial distress, and neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantage. CONCLUSION:Anxiety is common in children with ADHD. This study provides insight into the potential parent/family stressors that may increase risk for anxiety in children with ADHD.


  • Mulraney, M
  • Schilpzand, EJ
  • Anderson, V
  • Nicholson, Jan M
  • Efron, D
  • Hazell, P
  • Sciberras, E

publication date

  • 2018