Chaplaincy and pastoral practice in Uniting: Final report Report uri icon


  • The aim of this project was to scope issues and recent research on pastoral care and chaplaincy in aged care settings, in addition to providing data on current issues and practices in Uniting’s pastoral care and chaplaincy services. The project was also designed to prepare Uniting for a larger program of research into evaluation of models of pastoral care and chaplaincy provided to older people in aged care settings. The project had three broad stages:  Stage 1: o Literature review o Scoping focus groups (Uniting chaplains and pastoral practitioners) o Interviews with expert panel  Stage 2: Survey (Uniting chaplains and pastoral practitioners)  Stage 3: Follow-up focus groups and interviews (Uniting chaplains and pastoral practitioners) In summary, while some chaplains and pastoral practitioners appeared to be coping well with the challenges they faced in their jobs, others were deeply uncomfortable about changes that had happened or were likely to happen. Education or training, supporting personal resilience, and proper resourcing are key to dealing with these challenges as an organisation. Several participants also suggested the organisation re-focus on Christian values.

publication date

  • 2018