Teacher Targeted Bullying and Harassment by Students and Parents: Report from an Australian Exploratory Survey Report uri icon


  • People have trouble believing that teachers can be bullied or harassed by students and their parents. This is because in the context of the school, teachers are thought to be in a position of power. However, this may not always be so. Evidence suggests that teachers often feel powerless in the classroom and that teacher targeted bullying and harassment by students and their parents is a common occurrence and may be playing a role in a teachers’ decision to leave the profession. This project sheds light on teachers' experiences of feeling bullied and victimised while working in Australia’s Independent and Public Schools and presents findings of the incidence and impact of student and parental Teacher Targeted Bullying and Harassment (TTBH). To our knowledge, this is the first research of its kind in Australia.

publication date

  • 2019