Towards the elimination of white spots in mobile WiMAX grids through time efficient cognitive vertical handoff algorithm Academic Article uri icon


  • During the past two decades particularly, there has been incredible growth in the telecommunication industry which evolved the demand for real time applications. Mobile grids and internet service providers are offering competitive real time services to customers in order to fulfil their daily demands. Nowadays, WiMAX has become a key player in telecommunication industry for providing cost effective communication solutions to customers residing in developed and underdeveloped regions. Moreover, a significant role of WiMAX technology is to fill the gap between the first-world and third-world countries. WiMAX technology offers affordable low cost wireless multimedia services to its customers by using point to multipoint propagation methods. Over the past few years, the problem of white spots in WiMAX grids has been reported in the literature extensively. Consequently, this issue has got a lot of attention from researchers. In order to disentangle the phenomenon of white spots, a novel algorithm based on time efficient cognitive vertical handoff scheme has been presented in this paper. The proposed algorithm is based upon principles of cognitive heterogeneous wireless grids. The simulation results have shown that the proposed algorithm is a promising candidate to overcome the problem of white spots in mobile WiMAX grids.


  • Minhas, AA
  • Qaddus, A
  • Khan, MS
  • Iftikhar, M
  • Zia, T
  • Almazyad, A
  • Chilamkurti, N

publication date

  • 2016