Conformational stability studies of a stapled hexa-β3-peptide library Academic Article uri icon


  • A library of 14-helical hexa β(3)-peptides was synthesized in order to determine the influence of sequence variation as well as staple size and location on conformational stability. From this study we show that appropriately stapled hexa-β(3)-peptides can allow for a number of variations without significant perturbation of the 14-helix.


  • Gopalan, Romila D
  • Del Borgo, Mark P
  • Bergman, Ylva E
  • Unabia, Sharon
  • Mulder, Roger J
  • Wilce, Matthew CJ
  • Wilce, Jacqueline A
  • Aguilar, Marie-Isabel
  • Perlmutter, Patrick

publication date

  • 2012